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'Art Is the Highest Form of Hope'

Gerhard Richter



Marko Tušek was born on 23. August 1964 in Kranj (Slovenia). In his childhood years, his father who was also a painter helped him develop a great fondness for colour and drawing. It was thus quite early in his life that he acquainted himself with the laws governing the graphic realm - especially as regards the composition, the colour and the conceptualisation of space. Despite his lively interest in several other fields he found himself increasingly attracted to the field of the visual, defined in the broadest of senses. He enrolled at the High School for design and photography in Ljubljana. After his due service in the army in Banja Luka he started attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana where it was in 1988 in the fourth year of his studies that he graduated under the tutelage of professor Emerik Bernard. Some of his other professors were Metka Krašovec, Janez Bernik, Gustav Gnamuš, Bogoslav Kalaš, Jožef Muhovic...

The visual field, for him, is a heavily diversified yet psychologically united field - and this is why he refuses to specialize in merely one among the visual modes of expression. Besides the basic preoccupations (painting), he deals with photography, theater and film set design, gr. design and also traditional mural paintings in fresco technique. He lives in Kranj.

He has participated in group and solo exhibitions since 1986. His work has been accepted as a part of the collections of the Modern Gallery in Ljubljana, IFC Washington, The Museum of Gorenjska... and is also part of various private collections. He has recently been included into the review exhibition Slovenska umetnost 1985-95 / Slovenian art 1985-95 in the Modern Gallery as well as the review exhibition of paintings - objects in Slovenian art, Presežen slikovni okvir / Exceeded image frame, The Bežigrajska Gallery II and 15th Festival of Contemporary Art - ART STAYS 2017, Ptuj.

As chairman of the artistic council of the Society of Artists Kranj he was actively participate in an art gallery Mala gallery in Kranj and is one of the founders of the Biennale of Kranj - now International Festival Of Fine Arts, Kranj. With his help it was realized over 80 art projects. 

Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom - 'Art critic's choice' / Likovni kritiki izbirajo




Marko Tušek

Milene Korbarjeve 8

4000 Kranj - SI

Slovenia - EU

m: +386 40 231 774


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